About myvintagevogue
The dictionary defines vogue as -
"Popular, one that is in fashion at a particular time">

About this site :
This website is an archive/library devoted to vintage fashion photography and advertising from the 1920's through the
1960's, to the designers, models & photographers which inspire us. I started myvintagevogue in November of 2008.
Initially it was a small flickr stream with fashion images I liked. As the stream became more popular and I learned
more about fashion photography and advertising I realized there needed to be a permanent home for my growing collection
thus the site was born. This "passion project" is from my personal collection of vintage photos, magazines, catalogs and
pattern books. I personally scan and restore what you see here. The goal of this project has always been preservation
and education. The website is a resource for teachers, students and designers, as well as fashion and advertising enthusiasts.
This is my life's work. I am very passionate about the importance of these images not just for the history of the industries
they represent, but also the personal histories of these designers, photographers and models. Without my archive and similar
websites many of these people and their work would be forgotten. This online digital archive represents only a fraction
of the physical collection located in Los Angeles, California. In addition to my own archive, I work with other families,
organizations, blogs and publications bringing my considerable skills and attention to detail to a wide variety of projects.
I am a proud member of the Vintage Fashion Guild as well as the Art Deco Society.

Thank you so much for visiting the archive and for your continued support.